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About Paul

Paul Abascal's film career began as a motion picture hairstylist where he worked alongside the industry's biggest actors, directors and cinematographers. Among them Richard Donner, Tony Scott and John McTiernan. His first directing projects were two breakthrough comedy "making of" documentaries for Lethal Weapon 2, and Lethal 3. The second documentary was nominated for a Cable Ace Award.

Following that, Joel Silver and Richard Donner awarded Paul an episode of the HBO series Tales from the Crypt. From there he went on to direct several other television series including, Secret Agent Man for Barry Sonnenfeld, Witchblade, Nash Bridges and later re-teamed with Joel Silver to direct episodes of Freedom and the Strip.

Paul's first feature work came when the Warner/Paramount, co-production of the Mel Gibson film Payback was looking to replace the original director and re-conceive the film's structure and storyline. Paul's work on the film (although uncredited) is considered a big part of the film's $160 million worldwide box office take.

In 2003, Paul directed the 20th Century Fox feature film Paparazzi, Starring Cole Hauser, Tom Sizemore, Dennis Farina and Robin Tunney. The action thriller, done with a $7 million dollar shooting budget, has gone to generate over $50 million dollars in total revenue.

With a keen eye for performance, composition and action, as well as meticulous preparation, Paul is known for putting the money on the screen regardless of how small a budget he's working with.


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Paul Abascal: Director Resume 310-396-6540

Feature Films:

Paparazzi: 20th Century Fox, Cole Hauser, Robin Tunney, Denise Farina,

Payback: (un-credited) Paramount/ Warner Brothers, Mel Gibson, Kris Kristofferson, Gregg Henry, Maria Bello

Television Series:

My Crazy Sex: Lifetime Movie Network – 8 episodes – Producer – Jim Casey

ATL HOMICIDE – 1 episode – Producer – Sedge Tourison

Unusual Suspects – 1 episode – Producer – Bob Wise

FBI Cyber Crime Series: 4 episodes – writer/director – Producer: Dax Parise

American Genius: 8 hr mini series - 4 episodes, Producer : Stephen David

Happily Never After: 2 episodes, Producer: David O Donnell

America’s Most Wanted: 45 episodes, Producers: Greg Klein, John Walsh

Complete Savages: Producer: Mike Scully

Witchblade: Producers: Ralph Hemecker, Vicky Williams

Special Unit 2: Producer: Evan Katz

Freedom: 3 episodes, Producer: Joel Silver

Secret Agent Man: Producers: Barry Sonnefeld, Barry Josephson

The Strip: Producer: Joel Silver

Nash Bridges: 3 episodes, Producer: Carlton Cuse

Viper: 2 episodes, Producers: Danny Bilson, Paul Demeo

Nightman: Producer: Glen Larson

The Sentinel: Producers: Danny Bilson, Paul Demeo

Land’s End: 3 episodes, Producers: Fred Dryer, Vic Shiro

Tales From the Crypt: Producers: Joel Silver, Richard Donner

Mel Gibson video Diary 2, Lethal Weapon 3: HBO (Cable Ace nomination)

Mel Gibson’s unauthorized Video Diary: HBO


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